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Karen S. Meador, Ph.D

Thinking Divergently with Nurtered Nursery Rhymes:
A Reader's Theater Collection

Written by Karen S. Meador, Ph.D.
Illustrated by Christopher M. Herren

I am happy to announce my latest publication, Thinking Divergently with Nurtured Nursey Rhymes. The book is available for $12.00 plus shipping and handling ($2.95 in the Continental U.S.) and is subject to sales tax for Texas residents ($.99).

To purchase by check, please me and I will send further instructions. Alternatively, you may purchase using PayPal by clicking the following button:

About the Book
Most of the rhymes presented initiated from the first verse of a traditional nursery rhyme. As a teacher, I know that children of many different ages enjoy nursery rhymes; however, I have always felt that it would be nice if some of them were a bit longer in order to continue or explain the initial verse of the rhyme story. With this in mind, I have “nurtured” some of my favorite nursery rhymes by adding more verses and giving many of them a contemporary twist. For example, in my nurtured rhymes, the doctor mends Humpty Dumpty’s shell with a glue gun, Little Jack Horner has a little sister who gives him trouble, and the girls take matters into their own hands when Georgy Porgy causes trouble.

For an excerpt of Humpty's operations, click here.

In addition to the rhymes that have a traditional basis, several reader’s theater scripts combine familiar characters from various rhymes and place them in contemporary settings such as a shopping mall.

For further information regarding uses of the book, click here.

Activities and questions are provided for each of the nurtured nursery rhymes. They will help facilitate students' critical and creative thinking. I know your children will have as much fun working through these delightful exercises as I had writing them. If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. Thanks for your interest and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

About Karen
I’m a former classroom teacher and educational consultant with a Ph.D. who loves creating jewelry.   Read more ».