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About Karen
I’m a former classroom teacher and educational consultant with a Ph.D. who loves creating jewelry.   Read more ».
Karen S. Meador, Ph.D

Books and Book Chapters


Tiered Activities for Learning Centers: Differentiation in Math, Language Arts, Science & Social Studies, 2004, Pieces of Learning Press (Available at the publisher's site)



Thinking Divergently with Nurtured Nursery Rhymes: A Reader's Theater, 2003, Dreamcatcher Publishing (Available on this site). Click the cover photo for more detail.



It's in the Bag, 1999, Pieces of Learning Press (Available at the publisher's site)


Creative Thinking and Problem Solving in Young Learners, 1997, Libraries Unlimited/Teacher Ideas Press (Available at amazon.com)


Highly Creative Students: An Underserved Treasure, in Underserved Populations, 2003, Hampton Press Inc. (lead author)

Keyboard Kapers for Kids (1990), Meadly (co-composer)

Qualitative Research Methods for Studying Creativity, in Current Research and Methods for Studying Creativity in Youth, 1999, Hampton Press Inc. (lead author)

Research Based Strategies and Programs to Facilitate Creative Thinking, in Current Research and Methods for Studying Creativity in Youth, 1999, Hampton Press Inc. (lead author)


Refereed Journals
Clustering: Findings From the Field, TEMPO (in press) (Texas Association for the Gifted)

Creativity Shows Up Early and in Many Ways, Parenting for High Potential, (March 2000) (National Association for Gifted Children)

Guest Editor Lead Article, Creativity Around the Globe, Childhood Education, 1999 International Focus Issue, Association for Childhood Education International

Creativity: In the Classroom and Beyond, TEMPO, XIX(4) (Texas Association for the Gifted)

Models of Creative Behavior: Characters in Children’s Picture Books, Gifted Education
Supplement, Roeper Review, 21(1)

The Effect of Synectics Training on Gifted and Nongifted Kindergarten Students, Journal for the Education of the Gifted, 18(1)

Emerging Rainbows: A Review of the Literature on Creativity in Preschoolers, Journal for the Education of the Gifted, 15(2)

Meeting the Needs of Young Gifted Students Through Appropriate Practice in the Regular Classroom, Childhood Education, Vol. 72

Magazines and Journals

Thinking Outside the Box: The Power of Creativity in Content, Illinois Association for Gifted Children Journal 2002 (Co-authored with Dr. Jim Granada) (Invited Article)

The “Whistles” Stop Here: Encouraging Meaningful Creative Thinking in the Classroom, Understanding Our Gifted (Invited Article)

A Kaleidoscope of Life With Young Creative Children, Communicator, 30(4) (California
Association for the Gifted (Invited Article)

Connection-Making in Curriculum: The Power of Forced Associations and Analogies, the Journal Portfolio, Vol. 13, Illinois Council for the Gifted (Invited Article)

Questioning So Children Will Think, Creative Learning Today, 6 (1) (1996)

Evidence of Thinking in Children’s Lives, THINK, April, 1995 (lead author)

Parent to Parent, Surviving Early Childhood with a Creative Child, Gifted Child Today (March/April, 1993)

An Interview With E. Paul Torrance, THINK, February, 1994

My Teacher, My Mentor, My Friend, Gifted Child Today, May/June, 1992

Cooperative Partnerships in Education, Gifted Child Today, January/February 1992

Close Encounters With Social Issues, THINK, February 1998

Heart to Heart: A Letter to Parents About Thinking, THINK, February 1997

Garbology: Detective Work in People’s Trash, Teaching K-8, April 1996 (lead author)

SCAMPER: Putting Fun Into Idea-Generation, THINK, December 1996

Baggy Research, THINK, February, 1994

Dance With Each Child: Strategies for Tapping Spatial Intelligence, THINK, April, 1993

Questions to Stimulate the Affective Domain: Personal Analogies, THINK, February 1992

Book Reviews

Review of The Creativity Handbook: A Visual Arts Guide for Parents and Teachers, Childhood Education (Invited Review)

Review of Teaching Young Gifted Children in the Regular Classroom, Childhood Education, (Invited Review)

Review of Rootless Flower: An Ecology of Creativity, Roeper Review, 19 (4) (Invited Review)

Review of Creativity in the Classroom, Roeper Review, 18 (2) (Invited Review)

Review of Children’s Literature for Lorgnette, Heart of Texas Chapter of Phi Delta Kappa