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About Karen
I’m a former classroom teacher and educational consultant with a Ph.D. who loves creating jewelry.   Read more ».
Karen S. Meador, Ph.D

This section of the website is devoted to those activities that provide great pleasure in my life and oft times bring satisfaction to my creative spirit. Webster defines the term “hobby” as something that one likes to do or study in one’s spare time. I define it as something I like to do or study when I MAKE time. I believe we must all carve time out of our schedules to provide ample opportunities to exercise various avenues of our personality and talents. When I make time for my hobbies, I provide opportunities for incubation about my life’s work, the education of children. Often a work-related issue or idea comes full circle while I’m focused on a “hobby” activity. I also believe that hobbies can be a great source for “branching dendrites” and learning new, challenging things in a risk-free environment. So, I guess you could say that I’m nurturing my brain – at least that sounds better than just having fun!

This used to be a way of accomplishing my life’s work. I taught piano, organ, and keyboard to children and adults for about 20 years and enjoyed writing music and training other teachers. Now, making my own music brings solace and allows my mind to drift, often settling on a lingering memory as a certain song flows into the recesses of my mind. Whether joy or sorrow follows, the music exercises my emotions.

I enjoy raising Australian Blue Heelers. Currently, we have three females, Dixie, Cheyenne and Frosty. Dixie, the grey, inexpensive dog, is a marvelous cattle handler. She was relatively easy to train and follows commands explicitly. Cheyenne, the darker, high-dollar dog, is strong-willed and rules the dog pen.  Frosty, one of Cheyenne’s progeny is a bit of a rascal, but developing as a cattle dog.  Her strong will and eagerness will make her a fine cattle dog after a bit more training. She has a great “go” button for chasing the cows, but has not yet refined her “stop” button when it is time to let the cows alone. Frosty will soon be the breeder of the group.

Click the images below for larger pictures of the dogs.

Beading - See my Dreamcatcher Designs Site
This relaxing hobby, now turned business, occupies a great deal of my evening hours. I started making jewelry for myself in 2000 but quickly found that I wanted to make more than I could possibly wear. Luckily, my acquaintances found my pieces interesting and began purchasing a few. Now, I market my wares when I’m invited to church bazaars, offices, etc. as well as wholesale work for Dovetails of Wimberley, Theo B Camisole in Camden, Maine and occasionally other stores. So far, I can easily support my bead habit and the “bead” goes on! I particularly enjoy creating custom pieces for people who participate in creating their own unique designs by picking out beads and making design choices. Click the images below to see close-ups of my work.