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Annual Production Sale: October 25, 2008
Dreamcatcher Ranch Production Sale Remains Strong

A colorful array of cars, trucks and trailers flowed into Dreamcatcher Ranch on Saturday, October 25th for the annual production sale. As in past years, the results of this year’s sale, featuring only females, indicated the customer’s appreciation for the registered Angus cattle and Dreamcatcher Genetics. A dozen donors sold this year and were led by Cain Cattle Company’s who doubled his $33,000 bid for ½ interest and purchased all of the #2 producing cow in the breed, DRMCTR Objective 6J2, for a $66,000. Other high dollar donors went for $20,000, $14,000, $10,000, and $9,000. Five of them will soon reside in LaGrange with Steve Hillhouse while others go to Jeff and Sharon Schnieders at Ozark Hills Angus in Missouri and to Texan Clarence Cheshire.

Lively bidding continued for the sale of 9 pairs with Hillhouse again grabbing three of the sets. Craig Soloman also secured three pairs with other purchases coming from J/R Cattle Company, D A Cattle Company and Blackstone Cattle Company.

Jeff and Sharon Schneiders had the winning bid on the choice lot and selected DRMCTR Objective 7J01, a heifer bred to 5050, for $18,500. Dreamcatcher yielded to the crowd and allowed auctioneer Birdwell to sell the other choice heifer who was purchased by D A Cattle Company for $10,000.  Lee and Don Robbins from Grand Bayou Farms in Louisiana collected a number of outstanding bred heifers as did Hillhouse and the Schnieders. The high dollar open heifer, DRMCTR Objective 7J66, sold to Ozark Hills Angus for $22,500 while the Robbins purchase DRMCTR Objective 7J02 for $12,000.. Many other customers took advantage of the opportunity to buy both bred and open heifers and Dreamcatcher females will soon be delivered to destinations in Texas, Louisiana, Missouri, Mississippi, Wisconsin and Maine.

High volume buyers for the sale included the Schnieders who purchased 20 lots and Steve Hillhouse who nabbed 12 lots.

Totals & Averages

Total Lots










$  30,050.00

$  3,339.00


Bred Heifers


$  2,522.00


Open Heifers

$  55,050.00

$  5,505.00


Total Females


$  4,699.00

THANKS to everyone who participated in the sale!

Videos of all of our sales lots are available here.

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